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A Celebration: Year of The Nurse 2020 

Film Project

The World Health Organization has designated the year 2020 as the “Year of the Nurse and midwife”, in honor of the 200th birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale.


For Nurses By Nurses Productions is celebrating through film.  We will be honoring our profession through a vivid and historical script that not only celebrates the figure of nursing, Florence Nightengale but gives homage to the trailblazing contributions of nursing science.


The film will feature a diverse cast as well as interview top nursing leadership across the nation.  


*Donations are accepted This can be obtained from academic institutions, businesses, libraries, museums or organizations only.  No individual donations will be accepted for this film credit.

All donors will be updated with specifics of films as needed through our VIP list.


*We are a for-profit organization and all receipts will indicate so.


Individuals Only

Donors receive our Year of The Nurse Film Poster. Names are also listed on website.



Honorary Mention                               

Institutions, Organizations, Businesses

Donors receive Film Honorary Mention Certificate + Film Poster. 



Associate Producer

Institutions, Organizations, Businesses

Donors receive name in film credits as Associate Producer + Film Poster + Certificate.



* Disclaimer: This is an independent film. All donations are honorary. There are no rights or monies attached.
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