Social Justice Series - Short Narrative- 18 minutes 

A cinematic narrative that deep dives into the social realm of the African American mothers' voice and how it has shaped social justice through movements, campaigns and suffering. A riveting timeline of historical racial events where Black Mommas raised their voice when the world was crumbling around them.

Narrated by Denetra Hampton


The COVID-19 Pandemic has triggered some of the biggest social injustices of our time.  All have ignited conversations that challenge every system in America.  Our series not only addresses those that dominate the headlines but those long-standing issues that continue to plaque vulnerable populations, which in turn affect the profession of nursing.

Social Justice Series

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In this short-film we discuss the history of structural racism in the profession of nursing and how it has manifested through out the years. We give homage to African American contributions.

Lesson:  The Lingering Affects of Racism in Nursing


A short narrative that gives homage to the power of the voice of African American Mothers. A historical timeline of events and voices that have been instrumental in social justice and change.

Lesson: How African American Mothers Have Shaped Social Justice

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Vaccination inequity has undermined the very essence of healthcare. We discuss how policy and racism have contributed to health inequality in a global pandemic and the role of nursing science.

Lesson: Vaccine Equity And The Role of Nursing Science


In this short film we discuss the state of nursing and why diversity is key to crisis management and a solid nursing workforce.  We focus on nursing research and health disparities.

Lesson: Why Diversity is Key to the Impact of Nursing on Health Inequalities


A Cinematic Conversation On The African American Mother's Voice for Change

Coming In May 2022