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The Narrative

For Nurses By Nurses Productions tells stories through (3) distinct narratives: short films, documentaries and lecture.


We are committed to a MISSION of  empowering the role of the nurse scientist through diversity, culture and research.  Our VISION is that our film work will empower nursing science to lead globally helping bridge the gap of health equity.


We believe that mentoring and sponsoring future nurse leaders from underrepresented groups will empower our public health, communities and their families.

The Mission & Vision

Mission: The only film production company in the profession of nursing. Founded in 2019, a grassroots media, for-profit production company that is committed to empowering the role of the nurse scientist and helping bridge the gap of health disparities. A focus on diversity, science, medicine, research and scientific story-telling. 

Vision:  Sharing the role of nursing science through partnerships with academic institutions, research and other business entities, as part of their strategic goals to empower diversity, and health equity. 


Denetra is the founder of  For Nurses By Nurses Productions, a media platform that includes a digital leadership initiative, Ed-tech workspace, and film production platform. Denetra's work is focused on bringing awareness to the role of the nurse scientist through a lens of diversity, public health and scientific story-telling.