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Diversity & Nursing Science Influencer.
Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Denetra is the founder of  For Nurses By Nurses Productions, a media platform that includes a global health initiative, a digital magazine, and film production platform. Denetra's work is focused on the development of the future nurse scientist, through a lens of diversity, global health and scientific story-telling.

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About The Work

A grassroots media, for-profit production company that is committed to empowering the role of the nurse scientist and helping bridge the gap of health disparities through film focused on diversity, nursing science, medicine, research and great story-telling. 


We partner with academic institutions, research and other business entities, as part of their strategic goals to empower diversity, cultural awareness and global health. We realize the importance of being able to tell a story. And we are committed to helping you engage diversity through a cinematic strategy.

For Nurses By Nurses Productions is the ONLY film production company to this date that was/is founded and ran by a NURSE in the entire profession. See our historical lineage to date.

The African American nursing experience has been indelible to the profession, medicine, research and science. However their contributions have went undocumented, and unreferenced.  We are committed to raising the voice of the nurse scientist and why this role is important in helping bridge the gap of health disparities...all through film and our IMPACT FILM INITIATIVES:

Diversity. Nursing Science. Global Health. Medicine. Research.