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MasterClass: NCLEX

Director, Denetra Hampton

6 Episodes 

Founder of the Nursing Education and Study Center and producer of film, Denetra narrates her animated NCLEX class.  With a diverse and academically challenged bunch of students, nothing can defeat the lessons learned at the Nursing Education and Study Center.  Get ready for laughs, fun, crying and above all else, NURSING SCIENCE.

Mrs. Hampton

An animated classroom that takes you behind the scenes of the life and times of the Nursing Education and Study Center, and the robust bunch of students who want to be  NURSE SCIENTIST.  Denetra takes you on an animated journey as she educates on many levels. Whether it is one-on-one, open-shop or a full classroom, you will learn some lessons from her, and they ain't all good feeling... but good for you.


 She has been teaching students from all walks of life, particularly those who can't pass the NCLEX.  The NCLEX is the license exam that promotes the student to professional practice.   Denetra teaches through a nursing science approach and this creates a whole new world for those who enter her doors.

A heartfelt  journey of a peak into the world of nursing science in a classroom of diverse, funny and emerging scientists.

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