Hey Yall,

It's Tasha!  It is so exciting to have finished up nursing school.  As you nurses know, it is an adventure.  And so it is, I am living my best life.  Join me for my learning adventures.

Meet The Crew


She's the brain-child of this outfit. Tasha just finished nursing school, full of adventure and wants to hit the road. She is spunky and full of life. Stay connected as she shares lessons learned from the pandemic, nursing science and cool adventures.

Anna, RN

Anna met Tasha in nursing school. They were study partners, and quickly got into trouble together. Where there is Tasha, there is Anna...also, they are great debaters on life and things.


Oddi went to middle school with Tasha and they have been playmates for a long time.  He had to delay his dream of becoming a comedian after being coerced into going to nursing school by Tasha.

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Me & The Crew

Being able to have conversations with your friends is important.  Racism was our talk today; it was tough but everyone was pretty open.


The Nursing Center

We love meeting at the Nursing Education and Study Center.  It's my part-time job, so we get first dibs from my boss. 

Family & Fun

My Pad

There is nothing like a new "Pad". The first thing I got when I graduated. I can't wait to share the journey.



I got a new apartment since graduating nursing school and boy is it a lot of work.  I am still in the process of getting it all together... WHEW CHILE, that is whole class by itself, but I will spare you... Lot's of lessons to share however... So stay connected...