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The Black Angels: Mini-Documentary

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The untold story of African American nurses who risked their lives to care for patients with Tuberculosis, when there was no cure, and others refused.  This remarkable story is hailed out of Staten Island, New York and vital to the contributions of African American nurses to science, medicine and research.

This documentary gives homage to the journey of those African American nurses who traveled mostly from the south to answer a call to a national shortage of nursing, particularly caring for Tuberculosis patients, even if it cost them their own lives.

Seaview Hospital is the landmark for the cure of tuberculosis by Dr. Edward Robitzek, who was born in New York City, and affiliated with the Sea View Hospital  for 32 years, until his resignation as director of medical services in 1973.  


The Black Angels were professional nurses, and had it not been for their dedication to human life, clinical practice and public health, many more lives might have been lost.  In this film we honor, Black Angel, Marjorie Tucker Reed, born in Norfolk, Va.  We are honored to share her last interviews before her death on Nov 17, 2018, conversations with her family members, and a life that has paved the way.

Produced and Written By : Denetra Hampton

Directed by: Reid Kerley

The Black Angels: A Nurse's Story

Q/A with Producer

The hidden story of African American nurses who risked their lives to care for patients with tuberculosis when there was no cure. Last interview with Black Angel, Marjorie Tucker Reed.

Producer: Denetra Hampton

Director: Reid Kerley

Year of The Nurse and Midwife 2020

Q/A with Producer

The World Health Organization designated 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife.  This documentary highlights nursing on multiple levels through a lens of diversity, science and art.

Producer: Denetra Hampton

Director: Nick Vakhouski

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