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© 2020 Copyrighted by Denetra Hampton and For Nurses By Nurses Productions,LLC.  All Rights Reserved.


Join Denetra has she talks to leading experts and thought leaders in nursing, science and diversity on pressing issues in our community.

In Episode 1 of the First Series: Denetra talks to: 

Coco Chanel Jones, Life Coach & Spiritual Entrepreneur


Dr.Kecia Kelley, Chief Nursing Officer 


Tifany Lewis, Genetics /Biology Counselor and Expert.

All New Series!

Coming March 2020!

On The Frontlines: Season 1 | Episode 1 | Coco Chanel Jonez
Episode #2 | Dr. Kecia Kelly | Introduction
Dr. Kecia Kelly | Diversity & Community
Episode #3 | Tifany Lewis | Genetics & Health Disparities
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