A Message From Our Editor

Hello Friends,

We are nearing the end of the fourth quarter of 2019.  I hope that you have been successful in reaching most of your personal and professional goals.  And if not, keep pushing.

I wanted to stop by with a quick note, as the first three quarters of the year have brought on so many changes and new opportunities.  For one, I have had to transition our vision into a full blown production company. Sounds scary? Well, it is.  However, we are focused on bringing some amazing content to the profession of nursing.  We are pioneering a global concept to infiltrate every educational institution in the world.  BIG GOALS!

As we move forward, as subscribers, you will be getting a little bit more of our content as we are aligning partnerships and productions. EXCITING!

I am committed to raising the voice of the nurse scientist, creating a space where all students can see themselves in this role, and in particular the minority student, as we press forward in diversity and inclusion.  Stay Connected!




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