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For Nurses By Nurses Production Company

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Diversity and Nursing Science Influencer, Denetra Hampton, announces new production company.

Denetra Hampton is the founder of ed-tech company, Nursing Education and Study Center, LLC. She announced the drop of her newest endeavor, production company, For Nurses By Nurses.

Many who know the diversity power-house will affirm that For Nurses By Nurses has been her leadership initiative that focused on bringing awareness to diversity and the role of the nurse scientist through educational and scientific events. She has now expanded the cause into her production company.

Fresh off the heels of her first mini-documentary, The Black Angels: The Untold Story, which is the remarkable journey of African American nurses who risked their lives to care for patients with tuberculosis, when there was no cure and white nurses refused, she is set to bring more diverse content that focuses on helping bridge the gap of health disparities through film and story-telling.

Denetra is already set to line up her next two films.

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