Learning That Competition Works Best When It Comes From Within

Competition exists in our daily personal and professional lives. Let's face it, it can be extremely difficult to make the checks and balances if we are the only ones in a room. So, in true authenticity, competition is healthiest when it confronts and challenges others and ourselves. Unfortunately in its ugliest form of jealously, it can produce some cut throat attacks, which then it no longer serves anyone well.

To be a champion, compete; to be a great champion, compete with the best; but to be the greatest champion, compete with yourself. -Matshona Dhliwayo

But what if they are better at it than you are? What if they do it bigger than you do? What if everyone likes them more than they like you? The best approach to this line of thinking is to PAY ATTENTION. It pays to pay attention to those who you think are better, bigger or more likeable. Success leaves footprints., and anyone has the freedom to pay attention. Competition on hurts us when we intend for it to hurt others.

Innovation is sprung from competition, and it's important that leaders articulate the concept in this particular way. Whether you are in nursing, medicine, science, business or any other field, competition works, if you work it from within.


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