• Denetra Hampton

The Gut Never Lies

“Don't go against your inner knowing. Just don't. Trust yourself.” Maria Erving

It's hard to imagine that a leader would base a decision on their gut feeling, especially when it affects thousands of people. Most of us like to mull over a big decision. We don't want to make the wrong decision, so we seek out another opinion, or some other type of validation for our actions.

Our intuition is constantly picking up subtle cues about something being on or off. But often we ignore the cues due to bias or emotion. And this can cost us in mammoth regards, on every level. However, in order to become a smart and savvy small business owner, you must learn to navigate your gut, because it never lies.

  • Don't immediately call someone else for confirmation

  • Listen more than you talk

  • Know yourself, and what you are trying to do

  • Don't follow the crowd, go with your gut

  • Do things face-to-face to narrow in on that nagging feeling

  • When people show you who they are believe them

  • No peace, No go

  • Follow your purpose, it will align you with what's right

  • Stay in the now, this will be more effective than worrying about what is next

  • Trust your experience, it will speak for you when you lose focus.


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