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Valentina Lee Signs On As Director of Videography: New Productions Underway

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

For Nurses By Nurses Productions announces underway productions of its' first original series, Conversations & Experiences: On The Frontlines w/ Denetra. A three-part series centered around conversations with experts in nursing, science, diversity and culture, will focus on social determinants of health. It is written and directed by Denetra Hampton.

Valentina Lee, former sports reporter and radio host in Atlanta Ga., signs on as Director of Videography.

Lee hails out of Naples, Italy, but currently living in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was a former sports reporter and radio host. She has directed and led many projects in the illustrious film area of Atlanta, and brings many pearls to the table of a newly launched series.

Productions will begin this month in Atlanta, Ga., according to For Nurses By Nurses Productions.

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