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The Dixie 3: A Story On Civil Rights in Nursing

Updated: May 6, 2023

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In August 1963, three Black nurses, Mildred Smith, Patricia Taylor (McKenzie), and Agnes Stokes (Chisman) had decided to eat lunch in the new whites-only cafeteria of the Dixie Hospital located on Victoria Blvd., Hampton, Virginia. The cafeteria was off limits for black employees. The three women were fired on the second day of their sit-in and sued the hospital for racial discrimination.

Our recently released documentary, The Dixie 3: A Story on Civil Rights in Nursing brings light to this iconic civil rights case, which was argued by lawyer William Alfred Smith.

Producer, writer and director, Denetra Hampton (coined the women The Dixie 3) brings together a superb ensemble and breathes life into the voices of these three nurses who paved the way for future generations.

The documentary has been viewed nationally at locations such as Duke University, Hampton History Museum, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Sienna College and many others.

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