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Management Science Campaign

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Traditionally, May 6-12th is National Nurse's Week. A week long celebration ending on the birthday of Florence Nightingale. In 2020, recognition of the Year of the Nurse, the American Nurse's Association designated the entire month of May as Nurse's Month.

The 2022 theme is Nurses Make a Difference. Let's continue to elevate and recognize the contributions of nurses throughout the world.


Problem solving and decision making have always been at the core of being a great nurse manager. The science of this role requires the mastering of mid-level data, policy and clinical operations. This month campaign will highlight key strategies to help you improve your skills and knowledge as a manager.

FNBN has launched its Management Science Campaign, a permanent asset to its leadership initiative to shed light on the importance of the nurse manager to recruitment, retention and professional development.


As the profession of nursing continues to face pressing issues, politically, economically and socially nurses are heading out the door in droves. One of the vital roles in nursing management is the collaboration with HR in recruitment and retention. Human capital is the most important asset in nursing and great nurse managers help secure top talent.


In our campaign we give focus on mental health. We believe it is the most important tool that can empower the role of the nurse manager. Our educational strategy selection is Horticultural Therapy, a professional practice that uses plants and gardening to improve mental and physical health. In addition discussing the science of management we will provide our tool of horticultural therapy and ways to use it.

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