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Racism: The African American Nursing Experience gives an historical and relevant conversation on racism in nursing.  An in-depth truth to a hidden conversation.

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Health Tip: Vegetables are vital for chronic illness prevention.

Passion Fruit Juice

Food Tip: Smoothies can help with weight loss.

Coffee Shop

Business Tip: Your website is just as important as your business strategy.

The Art of Nursing
Covid-19 strangled Digital Illustration.

White Coat Over Virus

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Six Feet

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The Caregiver


The Midwife

Feature Short Reads

Americans have experiences over 4 million cases and 145,000 deaths related to the coronavirus.  The virus continues to affect underserved areas in unprecedented ways.  As preventative measures of hand washing, wearing a mask and social distancing are key, many do not participate.

Health disparities are real. The health outcomes of minorities and other people of color continue to be on the rise.  While the narrative has expanded to social, and political platforms, research and studies show no improvement.  It is vital that leadership be deliberate in making the necessary policy change to help bridge the gap.

Nursing. Science. Culture.  Creating  learning spaces to empower the science of nursing and health equity.

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