Women's History Month

March 2021

Bringing life to nursing through diversity, science, research, medicine, and global connections.


Series To Watch: Social Justice


Celebrating the contributions of healthcare professionals throughout history is a key goal of our mission. Join us as we share short stories about those who have paved the way in nursing, science, medicine and public health... THEN & NOW.


The Black Angels were African American nurses who risked their lives to care for patients with tuberculosis when there was no cure and white nurses refused. Housed out of Staten Island, New York, it gives homage to Black Angel, Marjorie Tucker Reed.

Cultural Talk Series

For Nurses By Nurses & Friends is a new talk series that empowers conversations and experiences through the stories of thought leaders, scientist, activists, researchers and nurses.  We tackle the most pressing issues in our society.

Our Black History Month Conversation

A Culture in Crisis: A Conversation with Two Black Women Scholars

An Original educational 6-part series honing in on the most relevant issues in nursing, science, culture and social injustices.

Short Film Series: Social Injustice

Where We Have Shared Our Stories

A Public Health Crisis

Exploring Underserved Communities

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