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Advancing The Science Campaign

FNBN Studios | Advancing The Culture. The Science. The Art

The stories of our patients, communities and their families are critical to the longevity of our profession and clinical acumen. The importance of research in our daily operations lays a foundation of community and public trust.  FNBN is committed to a mission of scientific story-telling that highlights health inequities, educates on the injustice and bridges the gap through a cultivated process of culture, competence and character.

Join us as we advance the culture. the science and the art, through scientific-storytelling.


The Artistic Research Library & Lab

A Cinematic and Artistic Program That Seeks To Advance The Science of Nursing Through Scientific Story-Telling



To make a difference nursing must be willing to assess, critique and elevate its' research.  Ground-breaking discoveries and outcomes are rendered through forward-thinking research.
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