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Nursing Science Campaign

FNBN Studios | Advancing The Culture. The Science. The Art

The state of nursing science is a continual examination on the challenges that continue to plaque the profession.  As we move toward policies and practices that consider all aspects of cultural competence it is critical to examine the state of our science. Our scientific story-telling campaign continues to raise the consciousness of nursing science and how it contributes to medicine and public health. #iamnursingscience

Join us as we advance the culture. the science and the art, through scientific-storytelling.


The Artistic Research Library & Lab

A Cinematic and Artistic Program That Empowers The Scholarship of Nursing Through Scientific Story-Telling


Health Equity

Breastfeeding inequities are a major concern because it implies that socio-economically vulnerable women, such as women belonging to ethnic or racial groups experiencing discrimination and employed women, face major social structural barriers.
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