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  • What type of business entity is For Nurses By Nurses?
    For Nurses By Nurses is a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Our LLC is certified in the state of Virginia and is a registered trademark with the USPTO. We are a for-profit organization. Any and all donations to our organization are volunteer only.
  • When Hosting A Film, What Type of Platform is Used?"
    For Nurses By Nurses uses a third party event media platform to hosts its screenings. All private screenings are held on a request basis for particular films. All academic institutions, museums or libraries that host a film must provide the hosting venue and equipment .A screening agreement must be signed. In addition, a facility can host a film via zoom or another hosting platform upon request if available.
  • Does For Nurses By Nurses License Films to Institutions?
    Yes. Certain films are available for licensing. All facilities interested in placing one of our films in their library can contact us directly.
  • Is For Nurses By Nurses A Registered Trademark?
    Yes. For Nurses By Nurses is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO). And all of our films are copyrighted with the Library of Congress Copyright Office. No hosting institution is allowed to copy or record our films.
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