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Learning Adventures

It's Tasha!  Tasha is our Mascot and she enjoys learning.  She and her friends Anna and Oddie go on some amazing adventures, always to include science, culture, nursing and just plain ole' learning. 


Everybody can learn with Tasha!  Let's Go!


The Neighborhood Watch!

Fun things are going on in Tasha's neighborhood this summer and she's got the watch. So, it's up to her to keep things fun and exciting.  Of course she elicited her faithful crew to help her with the job.

Tune in to see what the crew is up to.

Every Saturday @ 10am EST.

All New Adventure October 24th

Tasha's Learning Adventures

Season I   The 1619 Project


In August of 1619 a ship appeared at Point Comfort in Virginia.  It carried 20 enslaved Africans that were sold to the colonist. The 1619 Project is an educational narrative that was initiated in August of 2019 with the aim to tell the story of slavery and it's consequences on American History.  Tasha and her friends visited Point Comfort.

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