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Join Denetra as she takes you along the legendary underground railroad.  The route to freedom varied for each slave, but many helped support with safe houses and routes. Routes that have been noted to be up to 800 miles.   The society has commemorated these routes at National Historical Parks by state.   We hit the road and take you on a cinematic study that intersects historical facts with some of the most pressing issues of today.

Chasing the great unknown.

Join Denetra has she takes you on a road trip and historical adventure. She visits landmarks that were a part of the legendary underground railroad.

Episode 1: The Hampton Plantation, South Carolina

Join Denetra on this amazing adventure to the Hampton Plantation Historic Site, a stop on the underground railroad.  She gives insight into the story of the freed people who made their homes in the Santee Delta region for generations after emancipation.

Episode 2: The Dismal Swamp

In this episode, Denetra visits the Great Dismal Swamp, off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina. She shares her adventure along the legendary underground railroad stop, known for it's refuge of runaway slaves.


Episode 3: Araminta Ross

Araminta Ross. Abolitionist. Conductor of Freedom and NURSE.  Born Araminta Ross, the legendary Harriett Tubman spent her childhood in Cambridge, Maryland. In this episode we celebrate her 200th birth year and offer up discussion about her impact on health inequities and social justice.

Coming August 8th

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Chasing History: The Underground Road Trip

Chasing History: The Underground Road Trip


A Underground Road Trip Activating the Science of Nursing, History and Public Health as a Global Strategy for Good.

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