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Institution Screening

What We Do

Criteria for Hosting Our Film

  • Provide theatre and media production

  • Must be a school, college, university, library or museum

  • Provide Travel/Hotel

  • Screening Fee

Criteria for Hosting Our Film

  • Trailer for Website

  • Q/A Panel Producer 

  • Provide Film

How You Can Use Our Films

No Virtual Screenings Available*

Conferences and Events

A great way to initiate global and diverse attendance to your events.

Spark important conversations

Themes from the film stimulate thoughtful conversations and help create lasting connections with the subjects and issues in the movie.

Health Equity

An effective way to bring innovative conversations and experiences to your businesses, events or forums.

Empower The Nursing Science Role

Our films bring awareness to the role of the nurse scientist and how vital it is to the future of healthcare.

Diversity and Inclusion

Use our films as a great way to engage audiences and support your diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Empower  Cultural Competence

We create films to bring awareness to Cultural competence and why it is key to how we impact our communities and our world.

Educate and inform

An effective way to create an emotional connection while educating audiences about historical nursing contributions to science.

Public Health

An addition to promotion and prevention of  initiatives in public health. An intentional conversation on social injustices.

Film Residency


Academic Institution



Screenings of (4) Films

Immersive Research Exhibits

Q/A With Producer

Looking Forward To Working WIth You!

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