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The Library For Culture &

Nursing Science

A Cinematic and Artistic Program That Empowers The Scholarship
of Nursing Science Through Scientific Story-Telling

For Nurses By Nurses & Friends

The Scholarship. The Science. The Stories.

An exclusive group of nurses, scientists, scholars, researchers and filmmakers that share a common thread in helping bridge the gap of health disparities through diversity, and story-telling.  They uniquely support our mission and vision through partnerships, influence and expertise. 


Our  library houses digital conversations, incredible story-telling, debates, and short commentary, all in the name of raising the consciousness of nursing science. 

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Denetra Hampton


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Kiki Docken

Clinical Design & Art


Janelle White

Multicultural Scholar

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Saibatu Manansary

Global Health Scholar


Nick Vakhouski



Dr. Dana Hines

Nurse Scientist

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Jacquelyn Claude

Public Health Scholar


Tifany Lewis

Genetics/Biology Scholar


Health Equity Impact

A Multi-Media Voice. Driving Historical Change.

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