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Traditional Library

The Library For Culture &

Nursing Science

A Cinematic and Artistic Program That Empowers The Scholarship
of Nursing Science Through Scientific Story-Telling

For Nurses By Nurses & Friends

The Scholarship. The Prowess

An exclusive group of nurses, scientists, scholars and researchers and filmmakers that share a common thread in helping bridge the gap of health disparities through diversity, and story-telling.  They uniquely support our mission and vision through partnerships, influence and expertise. 


Our  library houses digital conversations, incredible story-telling, debates, and short commentary, all in the name of elevating public discourse. 

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Denetra Hampton


Etsy Item Listing Photo (15).png

Kiki Docken

Creative Assistant


Janelle White

Multicultural Scholar

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 1.59_edited.jpg

Saibatu Manansary

Global Health Scholar


Nick Vakhouski



Dr. Dana Hines

Nurse Scientist


Jamila Pleas

Women's Health Scholar


Tifany Lewis

Genetics/Biology Scholar

Health Equity Impact

A Multi-Media Voice. Driving Historical Change.

Health Equity Digital Campaign 2022
Policy. Protest. Public Health

Reached over 15,000 people.

2023 Women's History Film Tour 
Raising Awareness of Their Contributions


2023 Summer of Science Campaign
The Narrative. The Next Generation.

Reached over 1500 people.

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