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Film | The Black Angels: A Nurse's Story
A Powerful Narrative On The History of Nursing & Medicine
This documentary is hailed out of Staten Island, New York at Seaview Hospital, the largest sanitorium for tuberculosis in the 1920-40's, housing over 2000 patients. It became the home of one of the most telling stories in the history of nursing.
Our 2018 documentary gives homage to the African American nurses who served at Seaview Hospital, Staten Island, New York in the 1940's known as THE BLACK ANGELS.  Their story raises the consciousness of nursing science and the contributions of nurses of color to medicine and research. The documentary introduces to the profession of nursing how they were instrumental in the finding of the cure of tuberculosis. In particular, it introduces you to Black Angel, Marjorie Tucker Reed, her family and her journey. It is the only filmed interview of Marjorie.

In addition, the film offers up a candid conversation about the most infectious disease in the world, tuberculosis. Furthermore, bringing awareness to the historical grip that racism, segregation and inequities continue to hold on our communities and the healthcare profession.

Producer, Denetra Hampton continues to empower the profession of nursing, medicine and public health through scientific story-telling. Her cinematic artistry and her masterful way of using the tool of film to bring injustices to life is invaluable.
The Black Angels nurses who helped cure tuberculosis


A Nurse's Story

The Black Angels documentary on nurses who helped cure tuberculosis
The Black Angels Documentary
The Black Angels Documentary
The Black Angels Nurses
The Black Angels Documentary

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