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Inspired by True Events

At its' core this docu-drama speaks to the importance of education as the fundamental determinant of all equity.This film is inspired by the true event of the first four African American nurses to graduate from Provident Hospital Training School of Nurses to further empower the learning of nursing history. It offers up a greater conversation of why history intersects with the current challenges facing nursing and medicine today. Furthermore, raising the consciousness of black literacy and the contributions of nurses and doctors of color.


Research shows that health inequities are widening due to a lack of access and black representation.  As with this film, the historical evidence of our stories enhance our ability to navigate through measures of diversity, equity and inclusion.

A lyrical page out of the 1890's, we introduce you to four women who were pillars in advancing the scientific knowledge of nursing and why this particular event in history was instrumental in furthering the advancement of nursing education.


Coming March 2024

The Cast + Crew

For Nurses By Nurses Productions


The First Four Film Screening & Reception
The First Four Film Screening & Reception
Mar 09, 2024, 6:00 PM CST
Newberry Library
An unforgettable cinematic visual that introduces you to the first four African American nurses to graduate from the Provident Hospital Training School for Nurses.