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We Tell Stories That Impact Social & Health Equity.

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Leading The Way In Story-Telling

Our Cultural Narrative

For Nurses By Nurses Productions tells stories through (3) distinct narratives: short films, documentaries and lecture.


We are committed to a MISSION of scientific story-telling through the scholarship of nursing, medicine, and public. Our cinematic engagement gives focus through culture, competence and community.  Our VISION is that our story-telling will help close historical gaps of inequities through multidiscipline and multicultural partnerships.


Our Social Impact Statement

Education has historically been the fundamental determinant of health inequities.  We are unearthing stories of inequities and educating the future generation on the injustice.  We create educational story-lines that empower the social determinants of health. 


The development of  partnerships with academic institutions, museums, libraries and other business entities, is critical to our  global health equity mission. 

Cinema Seats
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