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Chasing History: The Bellamy Mansion

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

I recently visited The Bellamy Mansion, in Wilmington, N.C. , an esquisite architecture of antebellum, designed by James F. Post and Rufus Bunnel for local physician Dr. John Bellamy. Records state that it was built by enslaved and freed artisians between 1859-1861., a clear indication of the craftsmanship of the enslaved. I must admit, I was overwhelmed by the twenty-two room colossal. After a quick tour through the visitor's center I found my way through the perfectly manicured garden, to the onsite slave quarters. As a student of health equity I have been consistently reminded by history of its linkage to our current health inequities. Slavery and poverty are deeply connected as both are rooted in exclusion and social injustice. Having the privilege to do historical excursions such as this have been invaluable to my learning.

Notes: Although a primitive of slavery, it offers immaculate gardens with succulent charm.

Dr. John Bellamy

The Slave Quarters at Bellamy Mansion were located behind the mansion.

The antebellum kitchen was situated in the basement of the house. Up one flight of stairs was a fully decorated dining room that depicted the elegant living of the Bellamy household.

In 1972 an arsonist set fire to the mansion; the damage was significant.

The mansion is now a museum and offers daily tours, souvenirs and other cultural events. It is located at 503 Market St. Wilmington, N.C. 28401.

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