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Public Health: Leadership Under Attack

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Attacks on public health officials and leaders is a growing phenomenon. Leaders are getting harassed, and even receiving death threats. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect lives and communities, misinformation concerning vaccinations have flooded social media and overshadowed many vaccination campaigns that empower trust and safety.

It is important that transparency of knowledge surrounding the data of vaccines be communicated on all levels of healthcare. Now more than ever, the public needs strong leadership that is willing to take action on the things that matter. For example, it is important to share the reasoning behind decision-making, and process.

The reopening of schools has been one of the biggest challenges in public health, amid the coronavirus pandemic. It has forced leadership to make unpopular decisions, which have placed them in harms way. But as hospitals continue to fill up with infected persons, reports are clear, they are almost all unvaccinated.

Even with clear evidence of vaccinations decreasing death rates, public health leaders still battle backlash from those who refused to be vaccinated. But let's be clear, attacks should be made at the virus, not on public health leaders who are desperately trying to eliminate this pandemic.

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