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Chasing History: The Underground Road Trip: Harriet Tubman

Updated: Jan 25

Born Araminta Ross in 1822, Harriet Tubman is known as the legendary conductor of the Underground Railroad. In March of 2022 the nation celebrated the 200th birthday of the legend and underscored the importance of her contribution to history and the healing of cultural wounds.

The visit to the historical site empowered everything that I had been taught about Harriet Tubman. I was filled with excitement from the moment we entered the immaculate runway that led to the entrance of the preservation, to the bust that sat in the vestibule.

Once inside I was able to get my "Underground Railroad" stamp, the averment that I had arrived and conquered the stop. I have to say, one of the most thrilling moments of the adventure.

Photo: FNBN Productions,LLC
Photo: FNBN Productions, LLC

Note: The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historic Park is

located at 4068 Golden Hill Road, Church Creek, MD 21622.

Photo: FNBN Productions, LLC

Chasing History: The Underground Road Trip is our ground breaking VLOG series that gives homage to the connection between history and the pressing issues affecting culture and inequalites. For Nurses By Nurses Productions uses its fundamental working pillar of education to help communities connect the dots. It is a pleasure to experience and share the work that so many others have contributed to the healing of our nation.

The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center offers a comprehensive visual of the Harriet Tubman underground railroad experience. The exhibit does a deep dive into her life as a conductor and shares information about those who assisted her along the way.

As a filmmaker I could appreciate the onsite theatre that presented a short-film on the early life of Harriet. It was an excellent introduction to the exquisite visuals, statues and audio which were steeped in data and facts, all giving visitors a complete understanding of her life and heroism. It was fantastic.

Photo: FNBN Productions, LLC

One of my favorite photos was taken with the sitting statue of Harriet. IN my opinion, it embodies her resilience, posture and reference to take on the heroic roles of a conductor, spy, activist and nurse.

Photo: FNBN Productions, LLC

Watch Our VLOG.

Research shows that history has a direct connection to current issues in health and social injustices. I believe the ability to learn from past injustices such as slavery, genocide and gentrification gives opportunities for healing. In addition, historical injustices are the focus point for a number of current political-racial protests and debates. I am confident that when we address past hurts, we heal.

I hope the VLOG encourages you to take a road trip. For more information on the Harriet Tubman Underground National Historic Park please visit here .

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