How Nutrition Defeats Depression & Suicide

Let food be thy medicine. -Quote

Stressful times of today can place us all in a state of anxiety, depression and even suicide. Whether we face fears concerning our families, jobs or our health, the unknown is one of the deadliest openings to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Adequate diet has always been a key aspect of our overall physical and mental health. Although the exact cause of depression, one of the oldest and most significant modifiable risk factors for suicide, is unknown, studies show that our diets can be a key factor in self-management.

Although there is not a particular diet or food that can remedy depression, experts suggest that a diet composed of a variety of vitamins and minerals improve our mental well-being.

When self-care is accompanied with proper diet we boost our chances to defeat depression and even suicide. So, what are some foods that can enhance mental health?

* Berries, nuts, and vegetable greens, are some of the best brain foods we can eat. They are packed with antioxidants that improve communication, blood flow and decrease inflammation to our brains. A must for mental health. So, every chance that you get, invest a little into your brain power.


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