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Minority Mental Health Month

Updated: May 6, 2023

Each July the nation bring awareness to the struggles that minority communities face regarding mental illness in the United States. As a part of our quarterly awareness campaign, Public Health. Policy. Protest., we will be sharing strategies, actions and stories that open dialogue and engagement on mental wellness and equity.

photo: Adrienne Shelford for For Nurses By Nurses Productions

Recognizing Mental Health

Everyone goes through mental and physical health problems. However, historically minority populations have lacked equity in mental health resources and treatment, which unfortunately have created a culture of dealing with mental illness in silence. This silence transcended into generations of health disparities.

Mental health has become a social pressure button. Many believe that it is associated with acts of violence, in particular mass shootings. But studies show that the majority of individuals with mental illness are not violent and that the majority of violent acts are not committed by those with mental illness. However, policies and procedures can be deeply affected by public opinion, even if it's not the reality. This is why data and facts are important to awareness campaigns.

As mentioned above, our quarterly campaign will discuss key data and facts as we bring awareness to Public Health. Policy. and Protests. This includes mental health.

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