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Public Health.Policy.Protest

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

As part of our Awareness Campaign Initiative we continue the conversation with this quarters theme of Public Health. Policy. Protest.

photo: Nicole Medina for For Nurses By Nurses Productions, LLC

Gun Violence And Its Effect on Social Determinants of Health

Disparities in the geographics of gun violence have been continuously rising over the past decade. A rise that has been perpetuated by the drug market and compromised by police enforcement. According to the National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Foundation, in 2022 more than 45,220 people in the United States died from gun-related injuries.

This quarters research at FNBN Studios has been primarily focused on the prodigious rise in gun violence across the nation. Our latest film, MOMMA gives homage to the voice of black mothers and its effect on social injustice. It is important to note that black mothers have uniquely been instrumental to the well-being of their families, a deep-rooted inequitable intersection of race and gender, giving complexity to the detriment of violence as a public health issue. Gun violence absolutely affects our social determinants of health.

As we share stories, data and science on public health, policy and protest we also hope to encourage dialogue and didactic.

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