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For Nurses By Nurses Productions is set to take its' premiere documentary on tour. Producer, Denetra Hampton, says the tour will visit top academic institutions, libraries and museums.

Fresh off the heels of its' June 4th, sold out premiere at Old Dominion University, The Black Angels: A Nurse's Story is poised to begin a Fall tour with a first stop at Duke University. The story is hailed out of Staten Island, New York and tells the untold heroism of African American nurses who risked their lives to care for patients with tuberculosis, when there was no cure and white nurses refused. It gives a focused perspective from the life of Black Angel, Marjorie Tucker Reed, while sharing intimate conversations with Marjorie and her nursing journey before her death, during production.

With an ensemble of characters, the documentary pays homage to the contributions of these nurses to medicine, science and research.

To host a screening at your institution or conference, contact Denetra Hampton, or

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