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Women's History Month: The Black Angels Documentary Comes Full Circle

Written by Denetra Hampton, Producer of Film

It started in March of 2018 when an event post on facebook crossed my path. An event that I ignored the first time, but it re-surfaced in my timeline the very next day. My thoughts exactly, the universe was trying to tell me something.

A story about 300 African American nurses who risked their lives to care for patients with tuberculosis when there was no cure during the 1940's tuberculosis pandemic. They are legendarily known as THE BLACK ANGELS. Hailed out of Staten Island, New York at Seaview Hospital, it reminds the world of the contributions of nurses in particular, African American nurses to medicine, research and science.

Most would agree that nothing happens by accident. This one incident changed the entire trajectory of my LIFE. The journey led to a fantastic documentary featuring Black Angel, Marjorie Tucker Reed. Today, I can share that this happenstance documentary will be going back to NEW YORK not as an unknown story but will be a part of WORLD TB DAY! The film will be presented to scientists and scholars globally, those who work tirelessly to make vaccinations to prevent tuberculosis.

I am certain that Marjorie could have never imagined that when she sat down to finally share her story, that she would NOW be educating the entire WORLD, not just about the importance of that moment in time, but about tuberculosis. WELCOME HOME BLACK ANGELS. FULL CIRCLE!

World TB Day is March 24th. Thank you to TB ALLIANCE and IAVI for sponsoring and bringing this film to the TB World.

More info: World TB Day 2023

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