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Advancing The Science: Museums, Libraries and Academic Institutions.

Updated: Jan 28

Since its' conception, For Nurses By Nurses Productions has been intentional about raising the consciousness of nursing science. A key reason the films and lectures are only shown in museums, libraries and academic institutions.

Advancing The Science

Since 2018 we have unearthed stories of nursing and medicine and produced documentaries, docu-dramas, short-films and lectures. Our media has shown the far reaching power of the contributions of the disciplines of nursing and medicine. They have revealed the history of these collaborations and why it is so relevant to our today. Which is why we chose arenas such has museums, libraries and academic institutions to be our cinematic canvas.

Where can we see your films? How can we learn more about your process? These are just a few of the questions we get in regards to our media distribution. Our team consists of nurse scientists, filmmakers, artists, mathematicians, and cultural enthusiasts. All who are pivotal to our scholarly research and public dissemination. Every year we conduct a museum fellowship that sets the tone for the next years projects, policy and protocol. Therefore, an essential component to our media mission.

photo: FNBN Productions

Film Residency

Recently, we added a film residency to our media distribution palette. Film residencies consists of a year long research and film series at a museum, library or academic institution. The series features three of our films and in-depth research exhibits . A comprehensive and cinematic way to introduce the history of nursing and medicine to students and scholars. We will be announcing our first film residency this spring.

Finally, we have developed and curated a broader and deeper conversation about the science of nursing. It all started in 2018, with the movement of raising the consciousness through three key arenas; museums, libraries and academic institutions. A movement never done before.

FNBN Staff

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