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Advancing The Science: The Art of The Professional Nurse

Updated: Feb 27

written by Denetra Hampton

Nursing science begins with the transition of fundamental knowledge but is applied at research based decision-making. Patient outcomes are dependent on the critical thinking of the professional nurse. This is accomplished with the raised consciousness of the licensed acquired after attending an accredited nursing program.

From admission to discharge the role of the nurse is embedded throughout the patient experience. Although there are many levels in the profession, from certified nursing assistants to PhD prepared nurse scientists, it is the licensed professional nurse who initiates the application of the science of nursing. Thus, the art of the professional nurse.

For your information, the relationship between art and the science of nursing is complex, as each individual is. In addition the lack of diversity, decaying educational trajectories and unused lived experiences, has forced a fledgling profession to struggle aimlessly in the midst of pressing issues.

Photo: Adrienne Shelford for FNBN Productions

The Elements of Our Storytelling

Scientific storytelling is our north star at the production company. Oftentimes the research can seem daunting, but I always impress on the team the importance of keeping the science at the forefront. The goal is that our research propels the story into a space of advancement. This is critical to demonstrate that storytelling saves lives. I have found that each story is a historical and intellectual moment that challenges the science of the profession to rise up. Unfortunately, this has not been the case.

So, what are the three main elements of our storytelling? Education, research and nursing science are structural to our story board. With the understanding that research can influence history and our future, these elements can and will impact our individual patients, development of practice guidelines, commissioning of equity and inclusion teams, and in developing prevention and health promotion strategies.

The Art of The Professional Nurse

The pursuit of scholarship is vital to the future of our next generation of nurses. Traditionally, the profession of nursing has not been clear about the definition of nursing science and why it matters. In my opinion, as long as student nurses continue to say, " I don't know what nursing science is" then we are not preparing them to be successful at the cutting edge of their chosen profession or be valuable contributors to another. This is the art of nursing.

Research continues to be a major investment, requiring extensive funding, resources and staff. Indeed, the rewards are plentiful for students and institutions when opportunities of discovery and engagement are obtained. In particular, when we invest on topics of relevancy we can leverage our art through more visibility and credibility, a critical skill for advancement. Nursing is the art of healthcare, when leaders begin to utilize the profession as an artistry tool more understanding and transmission of the science can be disbursed.

More importantly, much attention is growing toward diversity and access in research. With many organizations implementing diversity strategies, far more needs to be done in nursing. The scientific nursing community is behind in addressing this pressing issue, furthermore, I believe the unearthing of these important stories through a scientific approach will become a unique piece of building our scholarship. As a matter of fact, I am sure of it. Onward.

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