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Diversity For What?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

New ideas. New perspectives. New people. For What?

  1. Let's Reduce Racism. The more you see and experience new ideas, new perspectives and new people, you are more open to a new world..other than the only one you know, thus breaking down stereotypes and racial barriers.

  2. Living In Color. How we are raised, what we are taught and who influences us as we mature, are key to how we see the world. If we are raised to believe that one race or color of people is better than another, we are racist and will repeat the cycle. However, if we engage our daily lives with people and experiences different than what we know, we add color, culture and creation... creation of a whole new world. Try it.

  3. The Greater Good. Yes, we are all in this together. If you are experiencing the current global pandemic like the rest of us, then you understand that the Covid-19 virus did not discriminate. We are all susceptible to the virus, however what we did not have is the same access to treatment and care. When we allow ourselves to experience diverse people, we will encounter those cultural experiences that empower us to move in many ways for the greater good. Whether it is solving problems, social injustice or creating a new vaccine... diversity matters for the greater good.

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