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FNBN Productions Brings On Cinematic Library

Our library is a stimulating workspace for students and educators steeped with information, resources and film. Our Founder, Denetra Hampton will lead the library through art, and cinematic resources. The library will be the center of campaigns, partnerships and initiatives.

Nursing Film Library
Nurse Scientist Lab

We are always grateful to say that the entire mission and vision of For Nurses By Nurses Productions, LLC is health equity. Also, to raise the consciousness of nursing science through a lens of culture, competence and character. Furthermore, a long history of racism, bias and discriminatory policies and practices have derailed our nursing education in a myriad of ways. In my studies of nursing history, We are convinced that our stories will continue to neutralize the structured barriers and patterns of inequities.

Secondly, the historical narrative is an enduring tool that can be used to further define, debate and change nursing for global good. We are committed to bringing those stories to life that stretch our educators and students intellectually, furthering their knowledge of the people they serve.

What's Happening?

Our 2024 calendar is filling up quickly and I want to share what's happening in least what I can at this time.

  1. Artistic Research Lab: Our research lab is led by nurse scientists and they have a lot going on in the portal. Follow along as they share their findings for upcoming film projects.

  2. The First Four. Inspired By True Events. Our latest film project introduces the first four African American nurses who graduated from Provident Hospital and Training School for Nurses in Chicago, IL. The screening will be held on March 9, 2024. See the invitation here.

  3. Cinematic Digital Lecture: A cinematic lecture on Racism in Nursing: The African American Nursing Experience will be shown virtually for Black History Month. Stay connected for the dates to register.

  4. Chasing History: The Underground Road Trip: We have been visiting those stops around the country that were a part of the legendary underground railroad and we have a new VLOG coming. You don't want to miss it.

We are honored to continue the work of bringing our history to present, empowering the future of nursing through scientific story-telling and bridging gaps of inequities.

Stay Connected.

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