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Ultimate Guides: A Mini-Blog Class

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

A Ultimate Guide to Building A More Competent, Cultural and Character-Led Leader.

THE LAUNCH IS NEAR! Ultimate Guides are mini-blog classes designed to empower the already attained knowledge of the nurse scientist and of those who are members of our FNBN community. We created them specifically for those interested in our house pillars of nursing, science, diversity, research and scientific story-telling –a ultimate guide to building a more competent, cultural and character-led leader.

What About The Ultimate Guide Class

Every ultimate guide starts with a focus, YOU. This was the basis for developing our exclusive informational blog class- it has a specific designation. So, during development of the mini-blog class we were intentional about the design, layout and content. Whether you are a nurse, public health scholar, researcher, entrepreneur or any other multi-cultural expert, you are part of an exclusive community, so we know exactly who we are dealing with; our kryptonite for producing our mind-blowing ultimate guides.

With the input of experts, insiders and story-tellers, we are ready to give our community engaging content from unique conversations and experiences .

Elements of The Ultimate Guide

We have made our guides short and specific, able to fit into a 1000 word blog. We wanted to place our digital workspace right in front of you. First, we begin with focus content, we ground the class with a WHY is this important and WHY do I need it in my life. Second, we understand the power of story-telling. We help you bring your own stories into the workspace to maximize the discussion of the WHY. Third, we are intentional with our content and each guide hones in on a specific pillar. This is the exciting piece. We will share later.

#1 Focus : Why Is This Topic So Important?

#2 Story and Layout : What are the Nuts and Bolts of The Guide?

#3 Specific Pillar Application : Are You Feeling Empowered?


#1: Why Is This Topic So Important?

Our community pillars are the basis for everything that we create, the ultimate guide is no different. So, every WHY in the ultimate guide will address one of them. We believe learning to address specific issues in our workplaces, communities and social arenas are vital to an individuals personal and professional leadership buildout. We Keep It Simple.

The WHY behind our ultimate guides are to be inclusive, diverse and pillar focus. A ultimate commitment to our mission and vision.

#2: What are the Nuts and Bolts of Our Guide?

Everyone has a story! And gaining insight to that story is the ultimate guide to effective leadership . In this section we offer guidance on a specific content that empowers your story-telling . For example, our upcoming guide will be, The Ultimate Guide To Entrepreneurship 101, with a focus on solo entrepreneurship.

Members can expect a detailed explanation of the selected content. We create a specific story line through visuals, art, and cinematics to bring the main attraction to life. Part of being involved in the FNBN community is the story-telling effect. Additionally, we offer concrete insights and wisdom that you can apply to your day-to-day operations.

For example, there are many levels to entreprenuership. In our first guide, we focus on SOLO entrepreneurship. According to studies, it is the fastest growing level as well as the most attainable level for new entrepreneurs. We give specific tools and strategies on how to build a solid solo foundation.

Also, we bring in the support of experts, thought leaders, champions and scholars to help with the leadership buildout of the specific focus content. We understand that everyone is on a different professional, personal and cultural level, so during the content layout, we wanted to add a multidiscipline and multicultural aspect to the learning process.

Whether you are an individual or seasoned executive wanting to take control of your personal and professional development, our ultimate guides will help you transform insights into opportunities.

#3: Be Empowered?

As with any class, it's important to be able to apply what you learn. Nursing on all levels is in a state of upheaval. There has been an exponential amount of nurses and other healthcare professionals offering courses, or some other content in regards to leadership. We are committed to helping you build individual critical skills that may not be attainable or are inadequate at the company or organizational level. Through our, bite-size and digestable format we keep you engaged and ready for the next class.

Resources, studies and facts are our ammunition for a sure fire experience. You will be able to start an entire resource library to help you obtain leadership prowess.

We are excited for the first class: The Ultimate Guide to Entrepreneurship 101, a focus on solo entrepreneurship.

Final note, our ultimate guides are only offered to our community members, so join now to get our first class in March.

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