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Nursing Science: Management

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Classes & Exercises

Nursing science is the foundation for the profession of nursing. Every level of our professional journey benefits or suffers from nursing science. Our signature level of development is management and we are excited to bring great digital content for your growth.

Most nurses are not classically trained in leadership skills and this has been detrimental to our ability to navigate through crisis situations, nationally and globally. As the COVID-19 pandemic shined a light on racial and social inequalities, management became the center of attention as well. So our urgent question is, DOES MANAGEMENT MATTER? Yes, it does. Our best practices, disciplines, and monitoring come from great management.

Our classes and exercises will focus on management through practice, discipline and monitoring all through nursing science. And most importantly discuss WHY?

When we think about the scope of practice of the registered nurse we can definitely include management. Nursing science is vital to decision-making and assigning patients to the proper personnel. So, what types of tasks can be assigned to an UNLICENSED PROFESSIONAL? In the example above, we know that TEACHING, INSERTING AND ASSESSING are all in the registered nurse scope of practice. However, MONITORING can be assigned to an unlicensed professional.

Management is key to professional development and an avenue for effective leadership.

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