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Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Three Nurse Civil Rights Icons To Be Honored At Hampton History Museum

T'Wanda Lowery, RN, Melanie Outlaw, RN and Angela Mitchell, RN portray Patricia Taylor McKenzie, Mildred Smith and Agnes Stokes Chism.

For Nurses By Nurses Productions gets set to present its documentary based on the true story of a 1963 civil rights case that involved three nurses who staged a cafeteria sit-in that was designated for whites only. The story is hailed out of Dixie Hospital in Hampton Virginia. The documentary chronicles the case that was filed in the United States Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit and offers up a bigger conversation about structural racism.

The film was produced & directed by Denetra Hampton a retired Naval Nurse Corps Officer. She is also the producer of the ground breaking documentary, The Black Angels: A Nurse's Story, that gave voice to the 300 Black Angels out of Staten Island, New York, who cared for patients with tuberculosis when there was no cure.

Photo: Daily Press, 1963, Norfolk Journal and Guide

The Hampton History Museum will host a private screening on February 10th for the family, descendants, board of directors and their constituents. There will be a public viewing February 21-27th in honor of Black History Month. Admission is free.

For more information about the film please contact

Denetra Hampton

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