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Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Equity Campaign 2024

The Mission & Vision

The mission and vision at For Nurses By Nurses Productions, LLC, is one and the same. Health Equity. I have always been clear about how I do it; through three distinct media, short film, documentary and lecture. And why I do it; to raise the consciousness of nursing science to empower the culture, competence and character of our constituents.

Furthermore, it is essential that we practice the art of reflection on a consistent basis to move the media goals of the company forward in a most impactful way. People are taking notice of our talent, and being able to adapt with agility is paramount as we continue to attract investors and board rooms. Reflection has been a key role in our growth and development.


We continue our equity campaign this year with "Advancing The Science". This year will be a focus on research through our cinematic workspace. Our workspace will highlight the historical significance of research in advancing the science. Subscribers can expect to learn, immerse and debate key aspects of nursing, medical and public health history in an effort to advance the science.

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