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Nursing Science: Are We Investing Enough Into The Narrative of Nursing Science?

Investing in Our Science

Investing in the technologies of health and nursing is essential for the development of our future workforce. But is it enough to sustain the foundation of the practice and the narrative of nursing science? Have we put in the internal work so that our external is not a facade? I think most nurses would say, "We still have a long way to go." I concur.

Recently, the profession of nursing has pushed agendas that clearly speak to their commitment and dedication to some of the most pressing issues in healthcare; such as innovation, the nursing shortage and inequities. In the meantime, the state of our nursing science is falling behind. For every time that I encounter a new graduate who says they don't know what nursing science is and have never heard of it, we have lost ground on empowering our next generation with the necessary tools to continue the work of so many who have gone before us.

The Narrative of Nursing Science Matters.

With the different levels and categories of nursing, often times there can appear to be an unreliable basis of the science. My example of nursing students not knowing what it is after graduation is a clear indication of flaws in our pipeline.

Because policy makers use narratives to make decisions, it is important that nurses be clear about what our science is and how it impacts health outcomes. I particularly am concerned with the urgent task of this being communicated to our future scholars, undoubtedly narrative not only affects our clinical practice, but it eventually will affect our professional judgement and research.

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