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Producer Aims To Bring The Voice of the Nurse Scientist To Film

"Nursing Science is the foundation for every aspect of nursing, and when it comes to medicine, research and healthcare, we are apart of every transaction."

For Nurses By Nurses Productions is the pioneering coinage of nurse, Denetra Hampton. Launched in June of this year, the company is soaring off of the heels of its' first documentary release, The Black Angels: A Nurse's Story, which is currently touring and screening at some of the top nursing schools in the country.

Denetra is a long-standing advocate for nursing science and diversity in this role. She has now transitioned her training and talent to bring this role to film through dynamic story-telling, a challenge she believes is vital to the future of nursing and community outreach.

The company prides itself in having nursing science as its signature piece, the nurse scientist as its leading expert and helping bridge the gap of health disparities as its mission.

Although in the early stages, Denetra says she is just getting started. And we are excited about all of this!

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